Explore Singapore Attractions with Singapore Tourist Map

Once you are in Singapore, the first thing is to plan where you should go. Singapore is a small island with many beautiful tourist attractions.

Here are a few suggestions you have to visit:

Get The Tourist Map of Singapore – it’s FREE (Click to enlarge)

Although Singapore is a small city, you will be amazed by the many beautiful buildings and infrastructures that you see around. There are also so many well organised roads and streets to take whenever you need to go to a particular place. It would be a time-consuming to always stop and ask people around whenever you are not sure about the direction you are heading to. But with a Map of Singapore in your hand, planning to tour around the city is a breeze!

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There is one effective way to tour around Singapore is by simply hiring the service of a maxi cab or mini bus company and you will be on your way to visit the best places of attractions in Singapore in a safe, comfortable, convenient and affordable way possible.

Singapore Tourist Map

 singapore map

(Map credit: Kiasumap)