A Must Visit list for travellers to visit when visiting Singapore.

If there is one word that best captures Singapore, it is unique. A dynamic city rich in contrast and color, you’ll find a harmonious blend of culture, cuisine, arts and architecture here. Brimming with unbridled energy, this little dynamo in Southeast Asia embodies the finest of both East and West. The Muslim centre of Singapore is a traditional textile district, full of batiks from Indonesia, silks, sarongs and shirts. Add to this mix rosaries, flower essences, hajj caps, songkok hats, basketware and rattan goods, and you have a fair idea of the products haggled over in this part of the city.


Orchard Road
For shopping, Orchard Road is the ideal place to spend a day there. The bustling shopping centres sells everything from the most fashionable and outrageous shoes and clothes to precious gems, eyewear and accessories. And when the shopping gets a little exhausting, revitalize yourself at one of the many restaurants and eating outlets.


Sentosa is a popular island resort in Singapore, visited by more than twenty million people a year. Sentosa offers a variety of attractions, museums and other facilities to provide a variety of experiences, recreation and entertainment to visitors. Many attractions on Sentosa are located in Imbiah Lookout, which contains 11 attractions.  A playground for all Sentosa Island is Singapore’s favourite leisure destination with exciting attractions, golden beaches, luxe retreats and the country’s first integrated resort. (Sources by Wikipedia)

merlion singaporeMerlion

Merlion is probably Singapore’s most celebrated tourism icon, over the years, it is well known by tourist all over the world that it is likened to the famous Eiffel Tower of Paris, Statue of Liberty in America etc, is certainly Singapore must-see attractions. In fact, all countries, regardless of size has its own iconic tourism symbol, I find that it is a must for tourists to go take a look and learnt something from it. Thereafter the visit, complete the tour with a Merlion’s souvenir and be pictured with it.

Merlion is actually an imaginary creature of  a lion with a fish body ,where ‘mer ‘ means sea. It’s a representation of Singapore’s beginnings as a small fishing village. The lion head represents Singapore’s original name, Singapura, when a prince who came to this fishing village in 11 AD got so fascinated with a lion he saw that he named it Singapura, or Lion City.

The nearest MRT station to Merlion is Esplanade Station, take a 10 minutes walk, and there you are at the Merlion Park.

marina bay sandsMarina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort with hotels, entertainments, retail, theatres, casino, convention hall and exhibition rooms, all into one. Since it’s opening in 2010, it has stolen some of the limelight previously enjoy solely by the Merlion. Who could ignore or forget the iconic alien spaceship-like architectural design at the top of the hotel? Singapore’s skyline has never been the same since. Since then, the unique design has inspired many look alike structure around the world. The place has since become a must-see Singapore attractions.

sir stamford rafflesSir Stamford Raffles

The founding father of Modern Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles. It is a good habit to know the founding father of a country, for it is iconic and respectable. The statue of Sir Stamford Raffles is located at Empress Place, a 10 minutes walk from Raffles Place MRT station.

singapore flyerSingapore Flyer

The 42-storey high Flyer at 30 Raffles Avenue  is the world’s largest observation wheel. Everything about it is big – it stands on top of a three-storey building, carrying 28 air-conditioned capsules (with a maximum capacity of 28 passengers) to a height of 492 feet above ground.

Each trip takes 30 minutes, comprising a single revolution of the wheel. Passengers get breathtaking views of the reclaimed Marina Centre territory, the historic city center, and even views of Indonesia and Malaysia!

The wheel stands at the heart of the Marina Bay development. Future developments in the area include a casino and several hotels. Visitors can take a free shuttle bus to the Singapore Flyer to the City Hall MRT Interchange.

singapore cruise


Singapore River Cruise

The Singapore River Cruise takes about 30 minutes, there are few stops along the river , starting from Clarke Quay to Esplanade, anytime you could hop-in or hop-out when you see any interesting thing on the river side.

While you are on the cruise, enjoy the scenic ride, but be known that you are on a historical trip of almost 200 years.

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