Caslimo Party Bus In SINGAPORE is specially cater to people who are looking for a unique ride to an event.

Guests on a party bus can all ride together, and no one has to worry about driving or parking for an event. Caslimo handles all of that. This allows party people to drink and socialize together without getting behind the wheel of a car, which is safer for everyone involved. Enjoy the Ride. Party All Night Long. Remain Safe!

Featuring internal lightshows & state-of-the-art sound systems, the ride IS the party.

party bus party bus

Are you looking for a completely new way to see and travel around the Singapore City? Looking for a fresh new ride with 12 of your best friends and to have the time of your life? Congratulations, you’ve found yourself one of the best Party Bus In Singapore – original, true party bus that is piped in to the party scene!

You can just hop into the bus and party in the bus with your great buddies. You can even bar hop – experiencing the different happening bars in Singapore, without having to bear the cost of the expensive night extra charges from the taxis. Best of all, you and your friends will enjoy the night together safely and make the night – a night to remember!

Whether party bus or minibus rentals, night ride around Singapore town, casino trip, you can  always expect exceptional services from Caslimo Transport Services.

Having a party in a mini bus is a growing trend among party club hoppers and party individuals who are enjoying the night with their close friends and families.


The night is still young!! Let’s enjoy the RIDE!

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