Maxicab and Minibus are great for group transportation. Maxi cab can accomodates 7 to 9 people and minibus can accomadates 13 people comfortably. These are the ideal and friendly choices for business or pleasure, complementing large family units or group transfers that do not fit into the usual 4-seaters.

Why you should book maxi cab and mini bus services?

travel in a group with maxi cabTravelling as a large group can be a chaos. What you need is a good maxi cab or mini bus to coordinate your journey. Comfort and safe are the two top priority factors for any travelers. So, the first thing you should do before making your trip to your destination is to book your transport service. Caslimo Transport Service has 7, 9 and 13 seaters maxi cab and mini bus to provide you with the safe transportation comfortably for everyone.

When choosing a maxi cab and mini bus service, you need to consider these factors:

  1. The company offers airport transfer from and to the airport to ensure that your journey is hassle free. Chartered packages are affordable and flexible. You will need to provide your travel details so that a package will be customized just for you. You’ll be happy throughout your stay here for sure!
  2. You will be the VIP during your stay here. You will be the priority. Our driver will assure that you will be very well taken care. You’ll be in safe hands. Just relax and have fun! Be it for leisure or for business.
  3. Our experienced drivers are very knowledgeable. Just ask the best places to go to for fun and food in Singapore. You’ll be surprised with the entertaining places and yummy food you’ll be enjoying everyday.

Book Caslimo Transport Service Maxi cab and Mini bus service today.

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