Do you know how to pack your luggage efficiently?

Packing is an art.

It is a skill not many people have. Yes, everyone can pack.

But most of the time, this happens…

how to pack luggage

Here are a few suggestions on how to pack your luggage efficiently.

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how to pack luggage

Here are some additional suggestions:

  1. Pack your clothes according to day. This way, you will not be tossing your clothes everywhere to match the clothes for the day.
  2. Wash your clothes. This helps alot especially when we return to our home to face the reality. Washing some of your clothes before heading home lessen your laundry load by 80%.
  3. Share toiletries to prevent heavy baggage. Toiletries like hair shampoo, hair cream, gel, deodorant..etc, add weight to your luggage. You wouldn’t want to exceed your luggage bag first don’t you? Shopping has yet to conquer your luggage!

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