6Everybody loves to travel. Statistics shown that many who are excited to travel do not enjoy the preparation work before any trips or after you’re back to reality.

Here are 5 top travelling tips to make you enjoy your holiday – before and after.

  1. Make a packing list.

    Pack your clothes according to what you’re wearing on that particular day. For example, 1st day of your holiday is an adventure packed day. You’ll be wearing a pair of shorts and a tank top. So you’ll pack those in a large ziploc bag together with your essential undergarments. That way, you’ll save time and space by compressing the ziploc bag before placing them in your luggage bag.

  2. Use separate bags

    for your toiletries and your accessories. This helps a lot especially if you are hotel hopping. Just re pack and go. You’ll never need to worry about spilled creams and soaps.

  3. Bring extra bag.

    Pack a foldable bag into your luggage. You can pack your some or all your used clothes into this bag and pack all your shopping into the luggage bags. Check in the bag and you’ll be free from the heavy luggage. Also, you can send your dirty linen to the laundry first. You’ll never need to spend longer hours in the kitchen doing laundry.

  4. Separate your currencies in different places.

    Pickpockets are a professional hazard of travel. Put your money in different pockets and bags. Remember where you place them. Haha. This way you are minimizing your chance of losing the money all at one time. You’ll have spare cash with you in case of any emergencies.

  5. Have an emergency pack of over-the-counter drugs.

    We cannot tell you how many times that one little pill of Zyrtec has been our savior in foreign countries. If you are on prescribed medications, please bring a sample picture of your medications. It will save you time from having to search the medication all over the country.

  6. Engage a travel driver.

    You’ll definitely save lots of time from searching the right station, the right exit and you’ll save money from spending too much just on public transport. You know you’ll be in safe hands. Just relax and enjoy the ride round your dream destination.

These 5 top travelling tips will take care of your essential care during your holiday.

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